Scam or just shady?

The first time this happened to me, I just wrote it off as someone being shady trying to offload some goods that don’t belong to him. But it happened again today…

Both cases, I was alone. (I’m not what some might call, “approachable looking.” I’m about 6′ 205lb, tattoos, piercings, shaved head, beard. Anyway, for some reason, despite outward appearances, I tend to attract strangers while in public.

I had just gotten out of my car when the individual approached. Very friendly, but obviously hurried. Almost out of breath, even though they had just gotten out of their own vehicle.

Guy: “Hey man, you know anybody looking to grab some new tvs, cheap?”
Me: “What’s “cheap”?”
“Whatever you say it is…”
“Um, well…”
“C’mere and look at what I got. I’m *****, I’m a contractor setting up home electronics. I got these extra TVS that a client who cancelled, didn’t want. If I take them back to my boss, I’ll lose the sale, the tvs, and my time.”
“Sure, yeah, those are nice…”
~Shows me invoice and product brochure~
“These tvs are brand new, 40″ 3D 4K Tvs. They retail for $2200. The client was going to pay $900. How much would you pay?”
“Yeah, I don’t have that kind of cash.”
“Well, how much would you give if you could?”
“How much do you want for one?”
“I had a guy over there…” ~He gestures vaguely over his shoulder to nowhere, in particular~
“… who said $500, that he was going to get cash, but he’s not back yet, and I have to be at my next appt in …” ~looks at watch~ “… 15 minutes. And my boss will be there, and if he sees the TVs I’ll lose them.”
“Yeah, that sucks…”
“Do you want one? $200?”
“Sorry man, I don’t have any cash, and can’t afford to take any out today.”
“Ah man, come on…”
“Sorry buddy, timing sucks. Good luck.”

I got in my car and drove away.
I had just gotten there, but didn’t want to leave my car unattended.

Has anyone else had an encounter like this?
It seemed very rehearsed. Very scripted. Very scam like.

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