Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty Debacle

Phil Robertson - Duck DynastyFor those of you living under a rock, there’s a huge “news” item running rampant throughout the Internet having to do with Phil Robertson and the remarks he made on the hit TV show Duck Dynasty.

My opinions on this topic are fairly simple, so try to keep up:

While I disagree what the self-proclaimed redneck believes about gay marriage, I do believe in his right to say what his beliefs are.

However, A&E is a television network under the Walt Disney Company umbrella. With that known, it is the legal right of that company to suspend/fire/fine its employees for any act that it deems detrimental to its ability to turn a profit.

Do I agree with what Mr. Robertson said? Hell no, I think he’s an ignorant redneck. But again, that’s my opinion. The difference, i’m stating this on my privately owned blog. While he chose to state his opinions on a Network Television show that writes him a fat paycheck.

But I wholeheartedly agree with his right to say what he said, the First Amendment being what it is. At the same time, A&E (Walt Disney Corp) has its own right to fire/fine/suspend him for using their network to do so.

That’s my stance, if you read the U.S. Constitution, you should agree. After all, the Constitution IS the document that we as Americans are supposed to abide by.

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