SharePoint Online: Switch Back to New Experience

Return to Classic SharePoint

How many of you have clicked the this link at the bottom of one of the New Experience views and can’t figure out how to “re-return” to thew new experience?

It turns out, the solution is much simpler than you could imagine.


Just one cookie to be exact.

search the URL of your SharePoint site
click the URL
click “splnu” and remove

I’m sure there are similar ways to do this in other browsers but I work in Chrome.
What? I’m supposed to do all the work for you?


Cruciferous vegetables. Why we have to eat more.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick talks in-depth about the compound Sulforaphane which is found in cruciferous vegetables, primarily fresh Broccoli sprouts.

The benefits from eating these foods are ridiculous.

Smokers should be drinking broccoli sprout smoothies several times a day.

Cruciferous vegetables - Broccoli Sprout

CFMAILPARAM: Display an attached image in the body of an HTML email


From With the cfmailparam tag, you can display an image inline inside an html email.

Display a file inline in a mail message

  1. Specify type=”html” in the cfmail tag.
  2. Specify disposition=”inline” and a ContentID attribute in the cfmailparam tag.
  3. Use a src=”cid:ContentIDValue” attribute to identify the content to include in the HTML tag such as the img tag.


<cfmail type="HTML"
to = "#form.mailto#"
from = "#form.mailFrom#"
subject = "Sample inline image"> 
<cfmailparam file="C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\web.gif"
<p>There should be an image here</p> 
<img src="cid:image1" alt="cfmailparam, web img"> 
<p>After the picture</p> 

Why work doesn’t happen at work. [TED Talk]

Where do you go when you really need to get some work done?

I am not a people person. I became a software developer largely due to that fact. Social anxiety and attention deficit disorder are large struggles in my daily life. Finding the right place to hunker down and get some long-term, deep-thought, creative work done; can be panic inducing in and of itself.

I’ve always struggled with the idea, “Why do I have to go to an office every day to do a job that is virtual in EVERY way?” Most days, if it weren’t for constant forced interruptions; I could easily spend most days without having spoken to another person. I know I’m not alone. Most of the developers I’ve come across in my 20+ year career agree; we work better in solitude where we can’t be forcefully interrupted on a constant and consistent basis.

After watching Jason Fried’s Ted-talk on this subject, I am ready to approach the higher-ups (again) about the possibility of a more secluded workplace.

What are your thoughts?


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