Hi! I’m Gene and this is my online portfolio, resume, and overall information hub.

I’m a 44 year old from North Carolina. I attended Appalachian State University and graduated with a BSBA with a major in Computer Information Systems. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, working as an Application Developer for a New Media/Print publishing company..

I’m a technology geek.  If it has to do with computers, new media, electronics or gadgets, i’m interested.  I try to attend at least one technology conference a year, mostly development related.

My first development love is ColdFusion, however, i’ve been building a lot of PHP and Python apps lately.  PHP for personal use (thanks to WordPress) and Python for work.  I’m a huge Javascript (jQuery) fan as well as CSS.  If I could pick one part of development that I am passionate about, it’s UI design.  I feel that most problems on today’s Web are UI related.  I want to help fix those problems.

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